The DrinkPod Alkaline water filter dispenser, 2.5 gallons. The space saving DrinkPod 2.5 gallon alkaline water dispenser gives a refreshed, purified and natural taste by purifying and naturally neutralizing the drinking water at its source. Stay healthy and hydrated with fresh, naturally pure alkaline water to keep you energized. This alkaline water dispenser has a patented magnetic stirrer that enables you to shake or pour it into any glass, ceramic or porcelain bowl that has been pre-drained. The magnetic stirrer prevents the tap water from spilling onto the counter, countertop, or other surfaces.

The Walk in Filter Water Filter Dispenser is a convenient way to provide clean drinking water for your entire family. It provides clean drinking water, in a portable, refillable plastic bottle. The reusable bottles are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, and easy to store, even for years. They’re also dishwasher safe, making them the perfect way to clean up after long, lazy days out. Each dispenser is made of recyclable, recycled plastic, making them an excellent choice for families with busy schedules. The Walk in Filter Water Dispensers can be refilled with purified drinking water using the reusable plastic containers or can be refilled over time as needed.

The Walk in Water Filter Dispensers are great for camping trips and hiking, and anywhere where clean drinking water is needed. Each dispenser comes with its own filter cartridge, and a pump that pushes water through the filter and out of the dispenser. Each dispenser comes with a lid which protects the filter cartridge from getting spilled on or accidentally pushed into a sink drain. The lid has a snap closure and is easily removed and wiped down with a wet cloth. The Walk in Water Filter Water Dispensers can be used to replace old, dirty filters, or they can be used to provide the clean drinking water for your whole family needs. In addition to dispensing clean water from a single dispenser, the Walk in Water Filter Water Dispensers can be used as a filter holder for faucets that are not attached to faucets. to remove the need for filtering.

Walk in Filter Water Dispensers – Great Features For Families With Multiple Family Members

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