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When it comes to buying a new property in the United States or England, the most important decision is what kind of real estate agent will you use? While this can be true of some agents, others put integrity and honesty above profit. To assist, guide you in selecting the right agents, conduct a survey to find out who the best brokers in Egypt are. Choose the top agencies using their past clients and referrals to get their own personal feedback on the agencies they have worked with.

There are four agencies which represent realtors in Egypt, including the Egyptian Real Estate Brokers Association (ERA), the Commercial Real Estate Company (CCRE), and the Egypt Property Dealers Association (EPDDA). The agencies do not disclose information about their clients. They offer their clients a limited number of contact numbers to contact them for any questions or concerns. The information provided by these agencies is generally accurate and up-to-date. However, not all of the agencies have all the same services; however, they all share a common goal: to find clients who will sell the property quickly for the highest possible profit.

The first agency, the Egyptian Real Estate Brokers Association (ERA), offers an online application where anyone can apply for membership and register as an agent. In order to become an agent, one must provide all necessary documents and certifications. Some of these include a certificate from his/her chosen institution of higher learning that proves a student has a basic understanding of business, and proof that he/she has completed the training offered by the Egyptian Real Estate Brokers Association. If a person is unable to meet all the requirements, he/she can still become an agent if he/she can submit a completed application form.

The second agency, the Commercial Real Estate Company (CCRE) provides a full line of services for both commercial and residential properties. Members of the company must work with licensed, registered agents in order to work on their properties. Members of the company have the opportunity to obtain lists of their clients’ properties for free on their website and can also view photos of the commercial or residential properties before signing a contract with an agent. In addition, members of the company are entitled to receive one free consultation on a property with a qualified real estate agent.

Lastly, the Egypt Property Dealers Association has its own website, which is a useful resource for information and advice. Members of the association also have access to a list of licensed realtors in Egypt for free consultations. Although, the website only provides information, its listing of licensed realtors in Egypt is not updated, so it is up to the client to the buyer to contact them for information on licensed, registered agents and to make contact with them.

While it is impossible to say which of these four agencies are the best suited for your real estate needs, it can be safe to say that the Egyptians are the most recognized and respected of the four real estate agents. The agency which meets your requirements and provides the best services is the agency which is chosen as the representative for your needs.

Real Estate Agents in Cairo – Choosing a Real Estate Broker

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