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“EG Chauffeur provides professional chauffeur driven vehicles and luxury chauffeur services from the heart of London, UK and beyond.” This is the premise of one of the websites of the Chauffeur’s Chauffeur Company, which promises that they offer the most luxurious of chauffeurs’ services to their clients.

“The team will work with you to create a customized program for you, tailored to your needs. We will make every effort to find you the best available service and vehicle, whilst providing a personal touch for each service.” The Chauffeurs website claims that this is an important consideration and promise that the company will provide a complete experience for you.

“We know that our Chauffeurs are trained and experienced in all areas of chauffeuring. They understand your requirements, and we always look to deliver the very best service to you in your time of need.”

“Chauffeurs offer a personal service to their customers, which goes beyond standard chauffeurs’ services. Our Chauffeurs are highly skilled drivers and fully qualified to provide their customers with the most courteous, experienced and efficient service possible.”

“Chauffeurs will arrange for your car hire, so you can drive around and enjoy the sights and sounds of London, without having to spend hours looking for a suitable vehicle. Our Chauffeur’s will also arrange for meals, drinks, entertainment, parking and other services so you can enjoy the nightlife, shopping and theatre of London, as well as a relaxing drive around town.”

“All of our Chauffeur’s are fully qualified and insured. We also offer the choice of hiring a chauffeur from your local area, or from anywhere in Europe, with a chauffer driver who knows the city, the people and the area like the back of his hands.”

“To ensure that our Chauffeurs are fully qualified, fully trained and fully insured, we have a stringent system in place. We conduct background checks on our Chauffeurs, ensuring that each and every one of them are a professional and trustworthy person.

Chauffeur’s have been in the limousine business for hundreds of years and the companies that we belong to have been in the limousine trade for even longer than that. We are committed to making it easier for clients to take the very best of what is offered to them, while still giving them the chance to get what they want and need while on vacation or while they are on business.”

“All of our Chauffeur’s have undergone thorough training and have a proven track record of impeccable customer service. We use only the very best quality vehicles and do not carry a high-maintenance reputation, which ensures that our Chauffeurs are always ready and available to give you the very best of service and reliability.”

“All of our Chauffeur’s have been insured and have undergone a full background check. We also conduct background checks on our Chauffeurs, ensuring that each and every one of them are a reputable and trustworthy person.”

“We only hire Chauffeurs from a reputable and highly reputable company. This means that we know the chauffeurs are bonded and insured and have a clean record. that they are not criminals, are not suspected of being criminals and that they have not been involved in any accidents that could cause bodily injury to any of our clients.

“We only operate vehicles that are equipped with the latest safety and security features. Chauffeurs who are bonded and insured have been thoroughly trained and certified in the operation of our vehicle, including the safe operation and safe driving of our vehicles.”

“Our Chauffeur’s will always offer a friendly and professional attitude to our customers and are always happy to share with you their knowledge and experience of London. Whether it’s talking about the city, about their experiences or anything else you would like to know, our Chauffeurs are always willing to listen and respond to any queries and concerns that you may have.”

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